Thursday, 15 March 2012

Nearly ready to start at Jordan Springs

Well it's been a little while, But things are nearly there. We had some issues with the bank not receiving/loosing some paperwork and that held us up for a few weeks. Things are moving on again now though and I am just waiting for the bank to issue the commencement letter to the builder. The only other problem I have is that the lot next door to me (Lot 1190) is being built by Kurmond Homes and they have taken the liberty of dumping a big pile of dirt (As per below) on our block.  This is a real pain as we are due to start anytime now and our builder has told us that it will have to be moved before anything can start. I have spoken to Kurmond Homes about this twice now and have sent an assertive email to them notifying that they are to remove it immediately, so I just have to wait for the moment and see if they comply.

Hopefully the next update will be everything going ahead smoothly!