Friday, 27 April 2012

Slab is done!

Well that was quick! It was only last Wednesday that the land was cut and filled and I was told to expect work to commence early the next week. In reality though they must have started work on the Friday/Saturday and completed the piering, drains. All the form work was complete by Tuesday, so with ANZAC day being Wednesday I guessed that they wouldn't do anything until at least Thursday. So went and had a look after work yesterday and sure enough there was the slab. So I am guessing that the concrete will be allowed to cure and harden for the next week or so before they start work on the frame. Very happy with the progress so far, am hoping that the rest of the construction process moves along at the same pace!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Work has started at 8 Crimson Street, Jordan Springs!

Been a little while since I last posted. We were basically just waiting for the bank to get all of their paperwork in order so as to provide us with the commencement certificate. This took far longer than exepected, but we got it all at last.

So... to update, I spotted two large piles of fill and small pile of gravel on the block last weekend when up there for a look. My thoughts immediately turned to someone dumping dirt again and  I was considering ringing the developer for a rant. Thankfully, I rang a friend who is a site supervisor for another builder and described what I had seen. He went on to tell me that this might actually be for my site which made perfect sense. So I rang on Monday and turns out it was, which I was understandbly happy with! I got a call from our allocated Eden Brae site superviser, Wayne Gordon on Wednesday just gone, to introduce himself and to tell me that our site had been cut and filled. He also mentioned that providing the weather isn't too bad, we could expect the slab to start early next week.

Kelly our Customer Service Admin also rang me to ask me if we were happy for one of the windows on the back of the house to be made bigger (Taller, 1800mm). Guessing that the original drawings should have reflected this. At any rate I was more than happy for this as it will let more light into the back of the house.

So hopefully now it will be full steam ahead with the building process. I am guessing that if everything goes to plan we should be in the house by either August or September at this stage which will be nice. I'll chuck some more pics up as there is more progress.