Thursday, 16 February 2012

Last of the 'Vacant Land' posts... (Hopefully)

Last lot of back dated posts... Took a mate up to see the block a couple of weeks ago and snapped these photo's. As you can see there is a lot of activity going on now with houses popping up everywhere. I have noticed that just last week the block on the right hand side of ours has been levelled (Where the Elderton sign is), so I imagine they will commence shortly. Really hoping to get things going soon!

Building plans

So these are the last lot of plans I received, with all the designs and features up to date. The base design was an Eden Brae 'Manchester 23' that has been modified a little, mainly the bigger alfressco area (Can't beat having a couple of beers out the back). We are quite happy with this design as it was one of only few that had a nearly completely open plan towards the back of the house.

Some of main details:

- Most of the floor will be tiled with the excetion of the bedrooms and home theatre which will be carpeted.
- Have gone with upgraded Monier tiled roof
- Higher ceilings
- Insulation extended into garage roof
- Added benches/cupboards to walk in pantry
- Sliding cavity doors to ensuite, walk in robe and internal garage door
- Bigger alfresco
- Added external gas for BBQ
- Upgraded ducted A/C to Actron ESP SRD125
- Changed 3000L rainwater tank to custom slimline so as to fit on the side of the house, instead of in the backyard.

Street signs, lights and footpaths...

These photo's were taken around the 17/7/11 and show just about the time the foot paths were being laid in and around Crimson Street. The street lights had been erected some weeks before and our street signs were also put up, however they had the suburb listed as 'Llandilo' rather than 'Jordan Springs'. I assume that this was to do with the suburb being registered with the council or something as all the signs were changed to reflect the correct suburb a couple of months ago.

Looking back at our Jordan Springs journey...

So I'll thow up some relevant photo's and designs that I have collected so far, with a brief explaination of them...

These were the initial photo's I took at the land (Lot 1191) after the land registered and the security fence that sectioned off the 2nd stage was taken down. Was pretty exciting, as I hadn't even gotten to see it yet, even though I had already settled on it. 

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

First Post, building a new home at Jordan Springs, Penrith

G'day Everyone,

Thought I may as well create a blog so as to have a record of the building of our first home at Jordan Springs. So far we have already done the following:

- Bought the block of land at Jordan Springs, Penrith
- Decided on a builder (Eden Brae)
- Chosen a design that suited us (Manchester 23.. Modified)
- Signed the contract
- Chosen all the home options
- Signed off all builder design and paperwork
- Recieved construction certificate

Now we are just waiting on the construction loan from the bank to come through and we will be ready to start! :) I will post some of the pictures and details I have up soon.