Thursday, 16 February 2012

Last of the 'Vacant Land' posts... (Hopefully)

Last lot of back dated posts... Took a mate up to see the block a couple of weeks ago and snapped these photo's. As you can see there is a lot of activity going on now with houses popping up everywhere. I have noticed that just last week the block on the right hand side of ours has been levelled (Where the Elderton sign is), so I imagine they will commence shortly. Really hoping to get things going soon!


  1. Didn't realise you were so close mate - looks like they're moving along out there. I'm sure when I was out yesterday they had levelled both blocks, not sure.

  2. Yeah almost directly accross the road it seems. Yeah going to head out there for a squiz today and have a look how things are coming along. Good to see you slab is done mate, bet you are looking forward to seeing the frame go up! :)