Monday, 24 September 2012

2 weeks on, Fences and Landscaping

Well it's been roughly to weeks since we moved in now and I have been very slack on putting up any updates! But as most people can understand there has been a lot going on since we moved in. Between organising furnishing the house to unpacking everything and finding places for things, understanding how all the new appliance work, organising the fences, then to the hard yakka that has been the landscaping.

So far we a re looking pretty good with all the fences up and just waiting for our custom aluminium slat gate to come (Hopefully this week sometime). With the addition of the fences and sleepers, this allowed us to get the landscaping going. So far the backyard has taken nearly 22.5t of Turf underlay to fill it up to a reasonable level. Both last weekend and the weeken before have been spent with myself and a few handy mates digging, barrowing, dumping, shifting, raking and rolling! In the meantime we decieded that doing a split level yard with a retaining wall was probably going to be the neatest way of addressing the fall accross the back of the block. So the wall was built this weekend and I finished turfing the yard yesterday afternoon. Has come up really good and I am very pleased with the result!

Next on the cards is to get some road base for down the side of the house as I want to compact this and then get some pebbles and stepping stones to go down there. I also have a mate that is digging my front yard down a bit today with a bobcat so as to allow me to easily topsoil it in preperation for turf and gardens.

Lastly, we finally have Opticomm coming out this Thursday to connect us up. So I have a mate coming to install some more TV points and am looking to buy a new router with a gigabit WAN port to take advantage of the fibre NTU.

At any rate, lots of progress so far!

Looking out the back
 New back fence
 New back fence before last panel was raised
New Side fence
 Dad and Steve helping first weekend
 Filling up the side
 Dropping dirt as had to wait for the fencer to come bac to raise the last fence panel before spreading
 Retaining wall blocks
 Retaining wall blocks (Charcoal colour)
 This is 10 tonnes... had another 12.5 tonnes this weekend just gone.
 Matt helping with the retaining wall, always happy for a photo...
Here you can see how much the level has been raised. Pete the greenkeeper.
 Retaining wall finished, Pete and Dad laying the turf
 Laying turf
 Upper level done!
Upper level done!
 Yesterday finished filling and turfing the lower level