Monday, 30 July 2012

Tiling just about completed

So as per usual, Eden Brae have been busy again over the past couple of weeks. The brickwork on the side of the alfresco (Inbetween the slab) was completed 2 weekends ago, as was the electrical, door furniture, shelving and bathrooms. The major work last week consisted of the tiling in the main areas of the house. It seems there is a little bit left to go, but I think this may be because they need more tiles (Didn't see anymore laying around anywhere). Hoping that this will be completed this week. The new front door (correct pattern) also got delivered on Friday, so thinking that will also probably get hung this week.

Got a phone call from the site supervisor today too, telling me that the driveway will commence this week and they emailed me design specs again to confirm. Looks like we are definately on the home stretch now and we are really getting excited about our new home almost being finished!

Brickwork on side of alfresco

Front doorway

Main bathroom

Main bathroom

Vlux window in main bathroom



Living area



New front door

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Bathroom & Kitchen tiling, painting and Garage door

Well Eden Brae have been busy over the past couple of weeks completing the tiling in the two bathrooms, laundry and kitchen. They've also completed painting the house as well as having the automatic garage door installed. I've noticed already that the A/C outlets have been installed and I have been told to expect fitout of the bathrooms this week (Bath, Showers, toilets) Still moving along very well as we get closer and closer to practical completion. From what I can see after this week we will just have the finshing on a lot of small things as well as the electrical, then the floor coverings for the main areas and bedrooms. Still waiting on the correct front door, but I'm sure that this won't be far off. We've started ordering appliances and furniture now in anticipation of a completion timeframe similar to most furniture stores. Can't wait for it to be completed!

 Main Bathroom
 Main Shower
Double Garage
 Garage Door motor
 Double Garage
 Front of house just before garage door put on