Thursday, 30 August 2012


Just another quick update, I spoke to Wayne the SS yesterday and he has organised for us to do the final inspection and settlement on Friday the 7th of September! Really looking forward to it! So providing all goes well at the inspection at 10am, we should be getting the keys to the house at about Midday on the 7th!

I've noticed not really much has happened at the house this week so I guess it will be all systems go over the next week. I've organised for the fencers (same that did the left side last week) to come out and quote for the other 2 sides + a side gate tomorrow afternoon, and will be going to speak to all the places we have layby's waiting about delivering now. Very happy indeed!

Looking out of Garage to Driveway

New side fence on left hand side

Monday, 20 August 2012

Practical Completion Inspection complete

I met with Wayne the SS this morning at 10am and went over the house for about 40mins. I was happy to see the front pillars had been completed in the Moroka finish and It seemed like cleaners and tradies had been in again bright and Early as some of the things I had been planning on talking about had already been fixed this morning (Tiles missing silicon beading along edges). The front door had also received it's first coat of varnish. The rest of the things I asked about he reassured me that he had already picked up on and that they would be fixed in the next couple of weeks. So, as of now we are waiting on

-  a couple of paint cleaning/touch up spots
- Front door needs to be re-varnished
- 2 of the back doors and ensuite window need rollers adjusted
- Main bathroom door stop needs replaced
- Another downpipe to Rainwater tank
- Flyscreens
- Up and Down lights in front pillars
- Outside ducted A/C unit
- Hotwater system
- Appliances

He said that it usually takes about 3 weeks from this point but could be faster or slower depending on all the processes. So as of now I am waiting for Eden Brae to send me their final invoice which I can send to Suncorp bank along with the Final draw request, a valuation request, a letter of satisfaction and a copy of Home and contents insurance policy (Haven't signed up with anyone yet, any ideas?). This should see a valuer out within 48hrs and should keep things moving nicely.

On a side note we are getting fences done on one side, and I will be looking to complete the other two sides just around the time we are moving in. At the moment it looks like all fences will have to be raised a bit so that I can build a retaining wall underneath them so as to fill the backyard a bit. I'm hoping to be able to do this myself, but may consider getting someone in to do it if the price isn't too bad.

Anyway, Wayne has told me that he should have a handover date for us next week!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

PCI Inspection booked

Just a quick update, the SS Wayne rang me yesterday to organise our Practical completion inspection for next Monday the 20/8. He said that providing that there wasn't anything major, we should have the keys in about 3 weeks! Pretty chuffed I must say!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Driveway, carpet and site fence

Eden Brae haven't really stopped at all since the start of this build. After my last post, they finished off the tiling and hung the door the next day! I also noticed what appeared to have been cleaners going through the house as everything is now nice and clean and shiny.

So they started scraping the drive way 2 weeks ago and poured the slab about a week ago. The middle of last week saw the rainwater tank get plumbed up and by Friday just gone they had finished about 90% of the paving (As seen in the pictures). Upon entering the house, I also noticed that they had completed fitting out all the carpet as well!

This Saturday they removed the site fence which means we are nearing completion! So at this point in time I am waiting for a phone call about a practical completion inspection which cannot be far away. Hoping at this stage now that it will be a matter of weeks before we get the keys!

Changed front door hung

 Driveway scraped
 Driveway scraped
 From Garage looking out to street
 Tiling finished
 Driveway and footpath slab done
 Clean kitchen!
 Clean kitchen!
 Rainwater Tank plumbed
 Pavers started and nearly finished
 Carpet complete (Home theatre)
 Carpet complete (Master Bedroom)
 Carpet complete (Spare)
 Site fence removed