Saturday, 19 May 2012

Windows, Doors and Bricks

Things are still moving along quite nicely up at the house, especially considering the bricks were only due to be delivered late this week. In reality the doors, windows and bricks were delivered on Monday with the first two being installed on Tuesday. Some of the garage wall was also started at the same time. As of yesterday they had a fair bit of the garage side of the house done which is good to see.

Looking at the 'buildsure' website today I noticed that the build is guranteed at a maximum of 20 weeks. So I guess while it could go under, we should hopefully be looking at being able to move in around the first week of September.

Bricks Delivered

Windows Delivered

 Bricks and windows looking out from the garage

Front windows installed

Home theatre room window

Alfresco stacker door

Alfresco sliding door and back dining window

Laundry back sliding door

One of the spare bedroom windows

Walk in pantry window

One of the spare bedroom windows

Garage wall being built

Garage side of the house

 View from alfresco looking towards kitchen and laundry

Friday, 11 May 2012

Frame is up at 8 Crimson St, Jordan Springs

Well they haven't been mucking around. While I noticed that there hadn't been any work onsite this Monday, they have gotten the frame completed in 3 days which is great!
 Although I was expecting it, it's hard to convey what a massive difference it makes to the perception of size once the frame is up, not to mention it is actually starting to feel like a real house! It sounds silly, but it's actually really exciting to see where all the rooms, wardrobes, windows and doors are going to be.

It's really coming along up at Jordan Springs and is really starting to feel like a community now that there are so many more houses being completed. I am also looking forward to seeing the Northern entrance (Borrowdale Way) be completed as this will make it a heap easier to get to my street.

Looking forward to hearing from Wayne the SS as to when the bricks/roof will start now as I got the invoice to say the frame has been completed emailed to me this morning.

These are a few pictures from Tuesday with the wall frames up

Then Wednesday with the majority of the roof frame was up.

Then on the 3rd day (Thursday) the garage and porch roof were completed. I also noticed that they had installed the front door frame.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

More fill and timber delivered

Well it seems as though everything is still moving along nicely. I went up to have a look last Thursday afternoon (As I usualy do most days) to find a bobcat on the slab pushing a a whole heap of dirt off the sides so as to fill the site around the slab. I have noticed however, that due to the slope of the block there will definately be some more fill required later down the left hand side of the house if we want to bring the ground up close the the back part of the slab, and that I might yet need to construct a retaining wall or something after handover.

We then noticed on Saturday morning that all the treated timber for the frame and the metal beam for the alfressco had been delivered on Friday. The last call I had from Wayne the SS told me that the plumbing would be finished and that they would most likely start the frame the next week so this was great to see.