Thursday, 10 May 2012

More fill and timber delivered

Well it seems as though everything is still moving along nicely. I went up to have a look last Thursday afternoon (As I usualy do most days) to find a bobcat on the slab pushing a a whole heap of dirt off the sides so as to fill the site around the slab. I have noticed however, that due to the slope of the block there will definately be some more fill required later down the left hand side of the house if we want to bring the ground up close the the back part of the slab, and that I might yet need to construct a retaining wall or something after handover.

We then noticed on Saturday morning that all the treated timber for the frame and the metal beam for the alfressco had been delivered on Friday. The last call I had from Wayne the SS told me that the plumbing would be finished and that they would most likely start the frame the next week so this was great to see.


  1. hey i noticed your frame is up, how long was it between your slab being done and your frame delivered? lets hope the rain stays away till your bricks are done than it should be smooth sailing..

  2. Gday mate, yeah was just waiting for it to finish before I posted another update lol. The slab was laid about a week before the timber for the frame was delivered mate and in that time they did the plumbing/drainage. So hopefully you'll see your timber in the next few days :) Yeah this weather is great atm, hoping it keeps on for all of us!