Friday, 11 May 2012

Frame is up at 8 Crimson St, Jordan Springs

Well they haven't been mucking around. While I noticed that there hadn't been any work onsite this Monday, they have gotten the frame completed in 3 days which is great!
 Although I was expecting it, it's hard to convey what a massive difference it makes to the perception of size once the frame is up, not to mention it is actually starting to feel like a real house! It sounds silly, but it's actually really exciting to see where all the rooms, wardrobes, windows and doors are going to be.

It's really coming along up at Jordan Springs and is really starting to feel like a community now that there are so many more houses being completed. I am also looking forward to seeing the Northern entrance (Borrowdale Way) be completed as this will make it a heap easier to get to my street.

Looking forward to hearing from Wayne the SS as to when the bricks/roof will start now as I got the invoice to say the frame has been completed emailed to me this morning.

These are a few pictures from Tuesday with the wall frames up

Then Wednesday with the majority of the roof frame was up.

Then on the 3rd day (Thursday) the garage and porch roof were completed. I also noticed that they had installed the front door frame.


  1. Hi Ian,
    That's awesome your frames are up. It will fly through now :-)
    We are 5 weeks away til we get the keys we can't wait especially kids.
    Will be out there tomorrow to have a look through the windows lol.. It's all coming together at Jordan springs looking good.

  2. Thats tops Adrii! Who are you building with and where abouts mate?

  3. Hi Ian hi Adrii, Adrii is building with elderton too around the corner. Ian we are not far behind you there starting on our frame tomorrow looks like yours is finished..

  4. Hi Ian,
    Building with Elderton homes 1179 water gum drive. I'm getting all anxious I think this is the hardest part when you know your almost to the end, it takes forever.

    Hi Jordan Springs family Nice to see your slab down when the frames going up?

  5. G'day Guys,

    Yep My frame and plumbing was completed last Friday and I was told to expect my bricks delivered by the end of this week, although I noticed yesterday arvo (I go up there everyday now) they have already been delivered, so hopefully this means they can start earlier! Glad to hear that your timber has been delivered jordan springs family! I'd say your frame will be done by the end of the week if it's similar to mine. I bet the final part of the building process is the longest Adrii! :)