Wednesday, 15 February 2012

First Post, building a new home at Jordan Springs, Penrith

G'day Everyone,

Thought I may as well create a blog so as to have a record of the building of our first home at Jordan Springs. So far we have already done the following:

- Bought the block of land at Jordan Springs, Penrith
- Decided on a builder (Eden Brae)
- Chosen a design that suited us (Manchester 23.. Modified)
- Signed the contract
- Chosen all the home options
- Signed off all builder design and paperwork
- Recieved construction certificate

Now we are just waiting on the construction loan from the bank to come through and we will be ready to start! :) I will post some of the pictures and details I have up soon.


  1. hey there great to see you guys doing i blog thats 3 in our street now:-)

  2. G'day!

    Yeah I wanted to keep a record to look back on later, plus I have found both yours and Luke Hepburn's quite useful and thought I should try and pass on as much info to others! :) What lot number are you out of curiosity?

  3. I think its great its good to find out helpful info and its made me ask my builder questions i wouldnt think of asking, we are 1188.