Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Carpentry done, kitchen and bathrooms started

Spoke to the Carpenter over the weekend and he indicated he would be finished by the end of Saturday. I must say, you wouldn't think it, but it makes a huge difference seeing all the skirting, doors, door/window frames on. The only problem we have had with this stage and infact the whole process so far was that for some reason, we have been given the wrong front door. The 1400mm Corinthian door that has been hung has the vertical pattern instead of the horizontal pattern. This is the door we originally chose before we made the post contract variation to change it the the horizontal pattern due to our feeling that the vertical pattern would be too much with the vertical windows on the front of the house. At any rate, I contacted the SS and our Admin person who quickly responded to me and apologised for the mistake and that it would be corrected asap. If this is the only problem we have I will be very happy to say the least!

Kitchen looking into laundry and walk in pantry


Looking up hallway to front door
 Living area
 Bedroom 4
 Bedroom 3

 Home Theatre and hallway

 Front windows in master bedroom

Ensuite and walk in robe in master bedroom

Ensuite waterproofed
 Bathroom waterproofed

Toilet waterproofed

 Ensuite cupboard and sink installed

Bathroom cupboard and sink installed

Kitchen cupboards and island bench

Kitchen cupboards and island bench

Walk in pantry cupboards

 Kitchen cupboards and island bench



  1. We are almost at exactly the same point in our build - the exciting "seeing it all come together inside" part! Love your bathrooms cabinets and basins!

  2. Thanks for the comments guys! I know Em, it's really exciting at this stage now isn't it! :)

  3. Looks great i cant wait till we have walls to see the rooms.